Personal Trainer Salary Arizona

In AZ, a personal trainer can make close to 100k salary. Arizona’s weather and fitness interests make it a prime location to make money as a trainer.

What Nutrition Advice Can A Personal Trainer Give?

Give it a few sessions and clients will inevitably ask questions pertaining to nutrition. And rightfully so, as nutrition is an important factor for fat loss, muscle building, and general health. As a certified personal trainer, you are seen as the expert source for questions such as… Have you heard of the Keto diet? IsContinue reading “What Nutrition Advice Can A Personal Trainer Give?”

TRX Leg Curl

The TRX leg curl is one of the most beneficial exercises you can do for the posterior chain, and it is an easily accessible exercise for beginner clients.  Now don’t confuse easily accessible for easy because they are by no means that.  If you have never used TRX straps before, these may catch you byContinue reading “TRX Leg Curl”

Good Morning Exercise

  The good morning exercise is one of the best exercises for strengthening the primary muscles which include the posterior chain muscle groups including the lower back muscles, erector spinae, hamstrings and glutes, and the secondary muscles which are the upper back and core.  It also is a great exercise for improving hip-hinging movements.  WhileContinue reading “Good Morning Exercise”

Reverse Lunge

When it comes to building lower body strength the most common exercises we think of are squats and lunges.  There are several lunge variations but here we are going to focus on the reverse lunge. There are so many incredible benefits to lunges, that everyone from someone starting out on their fitness journey to eliteContinue reading “Reverse Lunge”

BOSU Ball Training

Bosu Ball Training  The bosu ball is one of the most versatile pieces of training equipment that can be found in gyms or easily storable for an at home workout. Personal trainers often use the bosu ball to challenge their clients’ stability and keep training fun. The bosu ball is similar to a swiss ball,Continue reading “BOSU Ball Training”

What Is Mental Toughness

What Is Mental Toughness: Skills For Sport And Exercise. You may have heard the term before, but exactly what is mental toughness and how does it translate into what we do? Broadly speaking, mental toughness is the refinement of skills that allows you to be resilient and confident, direct and control your focus, optimize stressContinue reading “What Is Mental Toughness”

How To Make Exercise A Habit

How To Make Exercise A Habit If you’re new to exercise or you want to help others achieve their fitness goals, then you need to know how to make exercise a habit. For some people, skipping a workout isn’t an option. In fact, daily exercise is more than just a habit, it’s a way ofContinue reading “How To Make Exercise A Habit”