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EMAC Certifications: The New Personal Trainer

Are You Interested in Becoming a Certified Personal Trainer?

Every great personal trainer will tell you their clients get results from more than a fitness and nutrition plan. In fact, the best trainers realize they’re offering clients Education, Motivation, and Accountability. These three things along with Coaching make client success a guarantee.

  • EMAC Education. Teaching clients how to exercise and eat right is critical for client success. As a personal trainer, you have to be able to provide expert fitness advice.
  • EMAC Motivation. A client can have the best plan, but if they don’t have the motivation they’ll never see a change. A fitness professional who knows how motivation works and what to do to get the most out of clients is a game-changer.
  • EMAC Accountability. A client might know what to do, and they might have the inner drive. But, who will hold them accountable to follow through on these recommendations? The roles of a personal trainer and nutritionist should equally focus on ways to get clients to stick with their program and see results.
  • EMAC Coaching. Fitness coaching is an art form. Those who do it well combine education, motivation, and accountability into every session with a client. These are true “coaches” who get the most out of people and improve lives long term.

We call it EMAC Certified Personal Trainers & Nutritionists.

These health and fitness professionals see increased client success as well as success achieving their own personal fitness goals using the EMAC Certifications Personal Training Model.

What Makes EMAC Personal Trainers Different?

People who love fitness want to know how to be a personal trainer. The process is easy: find a certified personal trainer course, take the certification exam, get certified and start getting paid training fitness clients as a certified personal trainer. Check out average salary for personal trainers in your area here.

But these fitness fans lose interest fast when exercise science is hard to learn. What’s worse, is they cant draw the connection between what they’re supposed to learn to pass a test and how it applies in the gym.

Only about half of the people who buy a personal training course end up taking the certification exam!

Is it more importaint to memorize big words like proprioception and autogenetic inhibition?

Or is it more important to know how to get a client to the fitness goals they’re looking for?

Why can’t a personal training certification be more about how to train the client and less about passing a difficult test?

What’s The Best Solution For How To Become A Personal Trainer?

A personal training certification that teaches you the important fitness concepts in a language you know and can understand.

Why? Because:

  • Learning is easy when you uderstand how to apply concepts of personal training
  • You get your certification faster when you dont waste time memorizing
  • The process of learning about exercise and nutrition is fun when you understand it
  • You get expert information in ways that make sense to the fitness client
  • Taking your own personal fitness to new levels is a side benefit
  • You can learn the secrets to starting a successful personal training businss

What Makes EMAC Health & Fitness Certifications Different?

Our personal training certification gives you only what you need to know to give your fitness clients great results. Enjoy learning about fitness because we make it interesting. There’s nothing to memorize when the concepts of exercise science and sports medicine make sense naturally.

What’s Better For Clients Working With A Fitness Professional?

A fitness professional who memorizes exercise physiology concepts to pass a certification exam?


A fitness professional who gets clients to their fitness goals because they understand how the body works in response to exercise and how to motivate clients to their peak potential.

EMAC Personal Training Certifications are built by experts in the fitness industry. They saw how challenging it can be to do an online fitness certification alone. With no one to explain difficult concepts, too many students drop out of their certification program and never become the successful trainer they could.

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