• Personal Trainer Salary Arizona
    In AZ, a personal trainer can make close to 100k salary. Arizona’s weather and fitness interests make it a prime location to make money as a trainer.
  • What Nutrition Advice Can A Personal Trainer Give?
    Give it a few sessions and clients will inevitably ask questions pertaining to nutrition. And rightfully so, as nutrition is an important factor for fat loss, muscle building, and general health. As a certified personal trainer, you are seen as the expert source for questions such as… Have you heard of the Keto diet? Is … Read more
  • TRX Leg Curl
    The TRX leg curl is one of the most beneficial exercises you can do for the posterior chain, and it is an easily accessible exercise for beginner clients.  Now don’t confuse easily accessible for easy because they are by no means that.  If you have never used TRX straps before, these may catch you by … Read more
  • Good Morning Exercise
      The good morning exercise is one of the best exercises for strengthening the primary muscles which include the posterior chain muscle groups including the lower back muscles, erector spinae, hamstrings and glutes, and the secondary muscles which are the upper back and core.  It also is a great exercise for improving hip-hinging movements.  While … Read more
  • Reverse Lunge
    When it comes to building lower body strength the most common exercises we think of are squats and lunges.  There are several lunge variations but here we are going to focus on the reverse lunge. There are so many incredible benefits to lunges, that everyone from someone starting out on their fitness journey to elite … Read more
  • BOSU Ball Training
    Bosu Ball Training  The bosu ball is one of the most versatile pieces of training equipment that can be found in gyms or easily storable for an at home workout. Personal trainers often use the bosu ball to challenge their clients’ stability and keep training fun. The bosu ball is similar to a swiss ball, … Read more
  • What Is Mental Toughness
    What Is Mental Toughness: Skills For Sport And Exercise. You may have heard the term before, but exactly what is mental toughness and how does it translate into what we do? Broadly speaking, mental toughness is the refinement of skills that allows you to be resilient and confident, direct and control your focus, optimize stress … Read more
  • How To Make Exercise A Habit
    How To Make Exercise A Habit If you’re new to exercise or you want to help others achieve their fitness goals, then you need to know how to make exercise a habit. For some people, skipping a workout isn’t an option. In fact, daily exercise is more than just a habit, it’s a way of … Read more
  • Trending Diets For Weight Loss
    Trending diets for weight loss will always be around but take shape in different calorie restriction form.
  • Choosing The Best Activity Tracker For Fitness
    If you’re serious about your workout and performance, you should evaluate the best activity tracker for fitness.
  • Functional Fitness: How To Build The Best Workout
    A functional fitness workout includes exercises and training to support the needs of everyday activities.
  • SOAP Notes For Fitness Progress
    One professional way to record client personal training sessions is by using SOAP notes for fitness progress. SOAP notes are common among healthcare providers.
  • How To Develop A Personal Training Business Plan
    The first thing you should do to own your fitness business is learn how to write a personal training business development plan.
  • Single Leg Box Jumps
    An effective way to target the lower body, including the glutes, quads, and hamstrings, is with a single-leg box jump exercise.
  • Anterior Pelvic Tilt- A Guide To Better Posture
    The anterior pelvic tilt is a posture distortion and muscle imbalance marked by an arched lower back.
  • What Personal Trainers Need To Know
    From exercise science to motivational coaching, what personal trainers need to know is how to apply the information.
  • Fast Online Personal Training Certification: What To Know
    When you want to know more about fitness, a fast online personal training certification comes to mind.
  • How To Do A Pistol Squat
    A pistol squat is a single leg exercise that builds lower body and core muscle strength.
  • TRX Pushup
    The TRX pushup is more than just an upper body exercise, it also targets the core and requires activation from the glutes.
  • Battle Ropes: Benefits | Exercises | Workouts
    When it comes to fitness equipment, battle ropes may be the most underrated tool in a personal trainer’s arsenal of equipment. The ropes may look intimidating but in reality they are a simple tool that offers a huge list of benefits! Some of the most common questions about battle ropes include:
  • Drop Squat- The Secret Lower Body Exercise
    A drop squat is a squat variation exercise that emphasizes a deep squat, bringing the body low to the ground. Most people perform this exercise wrong, however. Incorrect drop squat form can lead to knee pain or even injury.
  • Hypertrophy Training: A Guide To Building Muscle Size
    Hypertrophy training is a workout program focusing on the enlargement of skeletal muscle using high volume (reps and sets) with minimal rest.
  • How To Do A Personal Training Session
    Since the fitness profession is evolving, it’s helpful to know how to do a personal training session.
  • How To Develop A Workout Plan
    Regardless of your fitness goal, if you want to know how to develop a workout plan, the same fitness principles apply.
  • The Five Components Of Fitness In Personal Training
    It’s important to realize the five components of fitness in personal training to have a view of a client’s starting fitness level.
  • Best Personal Trainer App For Fitness Coaches
    Even if you aren’t a fan of technology, you’ll find it will help you when you find your best personal trainer app.
  • Fitness Accountability For Personal Training Clients
    One of the main reasons why clients seek the assistance of a trainer is for fitness accountability.
  • Motivation & Personal Trainer Tips
    Fitness coaching is more than just great workouts, instead you need to use motivation & personal trainer tips.
  • 4 Types Of Personal Training Clients: Choosing The Right Fit
    The first step as a fitness professional is knowing the different types of personal training clients. This way you can determine who your ideal client is.
  • Personal Training Client Paperwork
    If you’re an independent fitness trainer, you’ll need to have your own personal training client paperwork.
  • Calculating Online Personal Training Prices
    It can be tough to know what online personal training prices should be. In fact, the cost for these services can range from $30 a session to $150 per session.
  • How To Get More Online Fitness Clients
    Knowing how to get more online clients is key as a virtual trainer. Since your personal training business runs online, the best way to promote it will be through SEO, email marketing, and social media.
  • 27 Tips On Marketing For Personal Trainers
    Marketing for personal trainers can be tough at first. But, it’s not a difficult industry to market to.
  • How To Start A Personal Training Business In 8 Steps
    If you want to start a personal training business, you get what others don’t. Being a personal trainer is fun.
  • 15 Fitness Challenge Ideas
    If you’re looking for fitness challenge ideas, start by knowing a good fitness challenge is one that has a clear starting and ending point with reliable tracking methods.
  • What To Know About An Online Fitness Challenge
    An online fitness challenge mutually helps a personal trainer, client, and prospective client. Especially for owners of an online personal training business, it’s a must.
  • Online Personal Training- What You Need To Know
    Here we’ll define an online personal trainer’s role and what it means with virtual training and fitness coaches.
  • Best At-Home Exercise Online Trainers Use
    Great online trainers know the best at-home exercises. This is because an online personal trainer needs to make sure they can get their clients into shape no matter what.
  • 5 Steps On How To Be A Personal Trainer
    If you love fitness or helping others be healthier, you’re wanting to know how to become a personal trainer.
  • How Much Do Personal Trainers Make- A Guide To Fitness Jobs
    If you wonder “How much do personal trainers make”, the answer is it can vary widely.
  • Is An Easy Online Personal Training Certification Worth It?
    If you’re not fully sure you want to be a personal trainer, you might be asking, “Is an easy online personal training certification worth it?”.
  • Human Movement System In Fitness
    When most people think about the human movement system in fitness, they think about the muscular system first.
  • Fitness Assessments: How To Conduct Client Intake Sessions
    Any personal training or fitness coach relationship will start with a comprehensive fitness assessment.
  • How To Clean Gym Equipment
    Most people are ready to break free from COVID restrictions so make sure you know how to clean gym equipment and keep everyone safe.
  • Exercising In Hot Weather: A Personal Trainers Guide
    Are you feeling hot, hot, hot (figuratively and literally) and exercising in hot weather?
  • How To Build A Workout Routine For Weight Loss
    Knowing how to build a workout routine for weight loss starts with understanding how the body functions and responds to exercise.
  • Lat Pull Down: Building Back Strength
    If you want to build back strength, development, or lose weight, make sure you include the lat pull down as part of your workout plan.
  • How To Do A Cable Row
    A cable row is a back exercise that helps strength, muscular development, weight loss, and posture.
  • How To Do A Chest Press
    The chest press is a common exercise for strength and upper body muscular development and you should know how to do it right to get the benefits.
  • Ab Crunches: Getting The Results You Want
    Most people include ab crunches as part of their workout, but may not be getting the results they’re looking for.
  • Forearm Plank: The Proper Form And Technique
    A forearm plank is a standard core exercise for at home workouts, but it’s critical to know the proper form and technique to get its benefits.
  • Anatomy Of A Pushup: Get The Proper Pushup Form
    Knowing the anatomy of a push up is important to get the proper pushup form. The push up is a staple exercise that targets the pectoralis major, anterior deltoid, triceps bracihii, and serratus anterior.
  • How To Properly Do A Lunge
    Knowing how to properly do a lunge is important for all fitness goals. A lunge exercise improves strength, burns calories, and is important for overall function.
  • Anatomy Of A Squat
    The first step in having a good lower body exercise technique is to know the anatomy of a squat